Close to Home! Week 1

Here we go! We have started remodeling work on our new home. We will live in this mobile home for a year or two until we are able to construct a new home on the property. Already we have seen God provide. We wanted to share some of the praises along the way.

  • We are excited to get busy. There’s a lot of work, but we’ve made a lot of progress in this last week.
  • We found wood laminate at the ReStore in Cheyenne and our local thrift store, King’s Closet. This means we have all the flooring we need for the house and for less than $200!
  • We will have to pay a startup fee of about $2,000 for our utilities. Within less than a week from finding this out God has already provided this through a special gift!

Pray with us (for strength and wisdom)! We will have weekly updates and videos for this next adventure as we get closer to home.

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