My little sister singing ” I’m a little teapot”

This adorable video of my little sister, Diya, was in India when she was 1 and a half

2018 January – February Update

Hello from Windy Wyoming. So much has happened already in 2018. Here is a quick rundown of what is going on and (more importantly) ways you can pray for us.

Frontier School of the Bible

Life at Frontier rarely slows down. It is always exciting. In February we had our Spring Mission Conference. Since then, I’ve been meeting with various students who are participating in Spring Break Mission trips. My New Testament Survey class has gone really well. I am very impressed with this group of Freshman students. We’ve had fun looking at New Testament literature and geography. We’ve also spent a lot of time singing. This year I have three songs: the Chronology of Acts (to the tune of Gilligan’s Island), the Number of Chapters in each book (to the tune of the Addam’s Family), and the NT Book Summaries (to the tune of Happy Days). Needless to say, I’ve had fun.

Connie has also been busy. She had the opportunity to speak at the student wives meeting. She also leads a weekly prayer group and meets with students numerous times during the week, working with students who have specifically approached her for discipleship.

LaGrange Bible Church

This past month we became members of LaGrange Bible Church. Being a part of this fellowship has been a blessing to our whole family. We’ve had the privilege of leading worship and I am currently working on redesigning their website (please pray that I can wrap it up soon).

Homeschool and Family Life

Much of Connie’s day is spent teaching. This past year she has been teaching a weekly reading and English class for many of the homeschool kids in town. There are about 14 young people, ages 11-15. They call themselves the “Inklings” in honor of the influential authors (including C.S. Lewis and Tolkien) who gathered under the same name.

Connie, Anjali and Asha also had the opportunity to take a field trip to Gilette, Wyoming where they attended a speech and debate competition for the NCFCA. This time they were observers. Next year they will hopefully participate.

We also had the joy of having Connie’s Uncle Larry and Aunt Joy with us for a few days. The video of Larry singing the Super Chicken theme song is a taste of how much fun we had.

Tentmakers Bible Mission

Most of my time has been spent working on our Tentmakers International Bible Training project. It is incredibly exciting, and a bit overwhelming. If you want to know more about the project you can check out our newly updated website

The picture is of my office. The flags are of the five countries (on five continents) where we want to start church planter training programs.

Prayer Requests

Thank you for your faithful prayers. Here is a short list of things we hope you will pray for.

  • Please pray for summer deputation plans. We will be spending the summer and fall raising support and speaking in churches in Idaho, Utah and Arizona
  • Please pray for the health insurance for the kids. We have been working for months to get them coverage and will, Lord willing, have everything worked out soon.
  • Please pray for spring break trips for FSB students which are sponsored by TBM. Students will be on three teams to Utah and Las Vegas.
  • Please pray for our upcoming Envision Workshop for FSB students (March 30-31). You can see more info about what we are doing at

Our Sending Church

We are so blessed with a supportive sending church. They have stood with us for so many years. Here is a brief message from our Pastor Tommy Jeffcott.

Never have I seen a more mission-minded church. See more about KBC at their website

The Harris’ Ministry in Kenya

This past year I had the joy of spending time with the Harris family, missionaries with Tentmakers Bible Mission. Here’s a short video I put together that introduces you to this wonderful family and the ministry they have training Kenyan pastors.