Between Kansas and Colorado!

The last few months have been incredibly busy! On Tuesday we got back from speaking at Bethany Church Camp in Kansas. Tomorrow we leave for Colorado where I will be speaking for two weeks at Twin Peaks Bible Camp.

Our time in Kansas was a great blessing. Getting there was part of the adventure. Camp started Tuesday afternoon so we set out on Monday with a camper in tow. About an hour from LaGrange a tire on the camper blew and took much of the underside of the camper. We limped back to LaGrange. Arrangements were made for us to stay in rooms at the camp. Early the next morning we left for Kansas in our Suburban. About an hour away the transmission went out. We drove back to LaGrange in 2nd gear!

At this point we weren’t sure how we would make it to Kansas. Many were praying and FSB offered for us to take one of the schools vans. We set out again from LaGrange and made it to the camp in Kansas with a few minutes to get ready for the first chapel message.

Through it all, it was a wonderful blessing to see God provide for us. He is always faithful.

We will post more about our time at Bethany Church Camp soon. It was a privilege to serve alongside some wonderful people.

Pray for us as we travel to Colorado. We are praying that this trip would be much more uneventful than the last. Pray also for us as we minister to the 7th and 8th graders this week and high schoolers the next.


By the way, you may be wondering where we are at with our home. Remodeling our new house has taken a lot of our attention. We hope to be completely finished with our home before FSB starts in August. We will share an update on that soon.