Unless the Lord Builds the House

Hello loved ones ~

We are thankful to be approaching spring!  We had about a week that felt like spring before the giant storm with record-breaking snowfall!  Now we’re anxious for it all to melt so that we can get to work on the house!

For those who maybe didn’t know, we have been hoping and planning to build a new home on the property God blessed us with about two years ago.  We began digging last summer and collecting some materials.  We’ve been getting excited about deals on doors, windows, siding, shingles, and more, but we’re about to get down to the real work!  Chuck will soon be finalizing the house plan and getting the Insulated Concrete Forms that we will use for the exterior walls!  This is the main thing on the horizon for spring / summer, but in the meantime…

We’ll finish up this school year at Frontier School of the Bible.  It’s been a good year with Chuck teaching more missions classes, Connie teaching English and Christian Women’s Practices, Connie directing the FSB Choir and Drama team, and as a family hosting lots of students for Indian food nights and game nights (times when it has been abundantly obvious that we need a bigger space)!

We’ll wrap up our own year of homeschooling a 10th-grader, 7th-grader, and two 4th-graders!  

Chuck will complete his first year as director at Tentmaker’s Bible Mission.

AND we’ll get to spend more time with family as Chuck’s brother (with his wife and four daughters) will be moving here to LaGrange! 

Also, this summer, we will do just a little traveling.  Chuck is the speaker for two weeks at a Bible camp in Colorado in July.  It might be hard to step away, but by that time we may need a break from working on the house anyway!

We would appreciate your prayers for the ongoing ministry here as well as for our new house project.  It’s already been amazing to see God provide and we’re trusting Him as we move forward to attempt each next step while staying free of debt.  And just a note – we love input (as this is all new to us), so if you have interest in or experience with home-building, we’d love to hear your advice!

Thank you for praying with us, and for your support of us in every way!  As always, write or call with any questions and also to share with us about your lives, and ministries, and prayer needs!

In Christ  ~  chuck, connie and family

Please pray for…

  • my brother John and family to find a home to rent in LaGrange.
  • our building project. We hope to be to a dried-in stage by the coming winter.
  • my rescheduled travel plans for TBM. I may be traveling to Spain and Indonesia.
  • our ministry among the students of Frontier School of the Bible and missionaries of Tentmakers Bible Mission

Praise God along with us for…

  • funds that God has provided to begin construction
  • my brother’s family moving to LaGrange. We are so excited to have them here with us.
  • Ron and Wanda spending more time in LaGrange as Ron teaches at Frontier

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