Ministry at Motate Media

Using business as a way to reach the community

What is Motate Media?

Part of our time is devoted to other business ventures. Like Paul in different times of his ministry, we also have "tentmaking" jobs that help support our ministry and give us unique access to our community

Motate Media is a web and graphic design company that works primarily with small businesses to provide professional and unique websites.

Stories for Families is currently, a venue for selling Usborne books and will eventually be a platform for our own published books.

...and because he was of the same trade he stayed with them and worked, for they were tentmakers by trade.

Acts 18:3

Support Tentmakers; Support Missions

I am always interested in ways we can think differently about missions. One simple way we can do that is in the way we pay for things we would have paid for anyway. Mission-minded Christians should look for tentmakers that they can support by purchasing their products or paying for their services.

Supporting tentmakers is a great way to support missionaries. Do you know of a Christian business person who needs a website? Perhaps a church or Christian ministry? Motate Media can provide professional websites, at a lower cost, while at the same time your money will be used to help missionaries.

Business for Mission AND Business as Mission

Motate Media is much more than a way to supplement our support. Many times people think of tentmaking missions as a "necessary evil" for missionaries unable to raise support in a traditional way. We don't see it like that. Our work is a way we can connect with local business people in the community. I have had more opportunities to share the Gospel with others through the business than any other way. Currently I am joining a business networking group in Cheyenne, primarily as a way to build relationships.

Motate Media (and Stories for Families) create opportunities for us to do missions and not just support our other ministries.

Prayer Requests for Motate Media

  • Pray for our business contacts, that we would have opportunities to share with them
  • Pray for time management. With multiple responsibilities in ministry, business and daily life getting everything done can be a challenge. Pray that I can provide good service to my clients.
  • Pray for Connie in her substitute teaching, Usborne books and writing.
  • Pray for wisdom concerning other business opportunities, particularly opportunities to help FSB students begin their adventure in tentmaking.