Highlights of 2019 and Exciting Plans for 2020

Dear Ones ~

2019 is ending, and we’re glad to stop and look back over all God’s blessings through the year. We include you in that list! Thank you for your loving support over the last year! Here’s a quick update with some highlights as we look back, and some plans as we look ahead to 2020!

Looking back:

God provided a new property (two lots adjacent to our current lot) on which we can eventually build!

Chuck had lots of great speaking opportunities – visiting Bible colleges, being camp speaker, doing missions workshops at conferences, and filling the pulpit at our home church in LaGrange, and chapel services at Frontier School of the Bible! Whew!

Connie had opportunity to speak at a ladies’ retreat in the fall, started a choir and drama team at Frontier, continued to teach English at Frontier, and to homeschool the kids who are now in… believe it or not: Anjali in 9th grade, Asha in 6th, and Elijah and Diya in 3rd.

Looking ahead:

Chuck and Connie will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in March!

Quite a bit of traveling is already on the calendar for the coming year. Jan 1-5 we will be at a missions conference in MO. Chuck and Connie will both travel to Spain in September for the Tentmaker’s Bible Mission European field conference. Then, Chuck will likely travel to Indonesia in November to survey the field possibilities for future Tentmaker’s missionaries there.

The other major news for 2020 is that Chuck will officially be made executive director of Tentmaker’s Bible Mission! A celebration of the passing of this role from Ron Thompson to Chuck will take place in May!

Thanks for praying for us! We would love to hear from you, and as always would love to know how we can pray for you, too!

Love, and prayers, and wishing you all God’s best in 2020 ~ Chuck and Connie Mathias