Happy Motate Monday!

We wanted to share with you one of our (many) family traditions.

Today is Motate Monday. Every month we make the first Monday a day where we work hard and try to be as productive as possible. Even Elijah and Diya have started making ToDo lists. It has become a great way for us to get “motated” and start the month well.

Here’s a picture of our first Facebook post about Motate Monday. October, 2014! In November we started the tradition of having Motate Monday be the first Monday of every month and have kept the tradition ever since!

Happy Motate Monday!

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord.
Colossians 3:23

Why “Motate”?

motate: (mō‘tāte): (v.) to move quickly with style

Let me lay to rest your nagging curiosity about why the company is named “Motate Media.” The word “motate” was something I heard often growing up. My mom would often tell us to “get motated,” meaning “get moving.” It was somehow related to the word “motivation” with the -ate suffix to emphasize action.

Later I found that others had adopted this word as well. An online dictionary defines motate as a verb that means to “move quickly with style.” I thought that this would be an appropriate name for a design agency, but mostly it is to honor my mom and her lifelong goal to get me to “motate.”

New Business Networking Group

Business provides so many opportunities to make connections and friendships. I’m excited about the latest opportunity to be involved in a business networking group in Cheyenne.

I was able to join a similar group in Utah just after starting Motate Media and was part of that group for over a year. I could see during that time the way that God was opening doors to build relationships and share with other business owners.

After moving to Wyoming, I was a little let down to see that there was not such a group anywhere close by, but now I believe God was allowing us to transition and get plugged in to ministry here.

Over the next year and a half, I continued to search for a local networking group, and just recently found that there is a brand new one in Cheyenne. Perfect time for me to get in on the formation of this new group! And I come to it with experience from a very successful group of its kind in a bigger city.

It’s encouraging to see how God seems to be working it all out: that I found the group, that they need someone in web design, even that they meet only every other week at a time that fits my schedule!

In short, it seems God is leading me to participate and get to know some local business owners, so I would love your prayers for those growing relationships and for opportunities for outreach!