New Business Networking Group

Business provides so many opportunities to make connections and friendships. I’m excited about the latest opportunity to be involved in a business networking group in Cheyenne.

I was able to join a similar group in Utah just after starting Motate Media and was part of that group for over a year. I could see during that time the way that God was opening doors to build relationships and share with other business owners.

After moving to Wyoming, I was a little let down to see that there was not such a group anywhere close by, but now I believe God was allowing us to transition and get plugged in to ministry here.

Over the next year and a half, I continued to search for a local networking group, and just recently found that there is a brand new one in Cheyenne. Perfect time for me to get in on the formation of this new group! And I come to it with experience from a very successful group of its kind in a bigger city.

It’s encouraging to see how God seems to be working it all out: that I found the group, that they need someone in web design, even that they meet only every other week at a time that fits my schedule!

In short, it seems God is leading me to participate and get to know some local business owners, so I would love your prayers for those growing relationships and for opportunities for outreach!

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