Asha Mathias

Hello!!! My name is Asha Mathias. I love the color aqua blue, dahlia flowers, and glitter. I also really like to draw. ( I am 10 years old)

Me 😁

Hey Guys!!! It’s me, Asha Mathias. I just thought I’d tell everyone who doesn’t know me a little bit about myself. 😊

I’m twelve years old and in sixth grade. I’m homeschooled, just like all of my siblings, and the second born of the kids in the Mathias Family Clan. I love school, my family, our cat, art and books (❤️Specifically the Harry Potter books!❤️) I hope you’ll stay tuned for all my posts on our website. For more posts, follow me on Pinterest!

Our New Pet

Guess what everybody!!! We just got a cat!

I never thought we’d ever have a pet of any kind, because of our many trips. (My mom also doesn’t care for hair all over our house.) BUT… Our friends were wanting to get rid of their kitten, and now that my parents agreed, if it stays outside, (unless even it’s little bed we made for it gets too cold) that we could keep it. His name is Gandalf and he is officially ours!

He will bring many happy memories for our family


Here are some prayer requests:

  • I am hoping to be able to finish my Awana book before “fun fair,” which is the end of the Awana year. ( fun fair is this Wednesday.)
  • I want to keep CML going, since we have been really busy and haven’t been doing it and  I’m not sure how to get it started again. (if you do not know what “CML” is, than go to my sister, Anjali’s page.)
  • It’s almost the end of the school year, and I want to finish well.

Zion Evangelical Church

Yesterday, my family and I went to Zion Evangelical Church in Nebraska for a potluck. We sang “In My Heart There Rings a Melody,” and “Calvary Covers It All.”

They gave even gave us flowers!

My little sister singing ” I’m a little teapot”

This adorable video of my little sister, Diya, was in India when she was 1 and a half

Where We are Going

We are moving out of this house, and we were thinking of going to a faraway place such as Guyana. But when my dad was asked to be the director of international training in missions, we decided to stay, because we would probably still be going to different areas around the world, but LaGrange would be the place where we would always come back to. We are most likely going to this small old house, but we are going to try to fix it up as best as we can. Our plan is to buy it and fix it up this summer, live in it for a year, and then build a new house next summer. Please pray for us in this whole situation.

A Poem for Spring

Spring is coming, I hope.

Sunshine, flowers? Nope.

Rain and snow?

I guess so.



Hello!!!!!!! My name is Asha Mathias. I am 9. I love fashion, ballet, gymnastics, art, and France. I want to be a fashion designer and a ballerina when I grow up. My favorite colors are pink,(I LOVE PINK) turquoise, and gold. I am so exited about this website. If anyone wants to know if we have anything you need to pray about, please pray for us as we are moving.