Fall Ministry Overview

We’re almost full swing into FALL!

Fall schedule for us kicks off with classes at Frontier School of the Bible. This semester, Chuck is teaching Old Testament Survey to all of the new Freshmen – about 45 new students! I teach English to about half of the Junior class – around 30 students.

It’s a great time to get to know students, have them in our home, and help them in any way we can. I have a student prayer group with four girls, and we have a married student prayer group with two couples. So fun to work with these young people who are studying God’s Word and preparing for future ministry!

We were so thankful to get to be a part of FSB’s 50 year anniversary celebration. God has given us a huge blessing by allowing us to be involved in the legacy of FSB. Pray that it will continue to be a Bible Institute that thrives, that uphold the Word, and that faithfully turns out missionaries and servants of Christ prepared to work and live for Him! AND, if you know of anyone who needs or wants the Bible training offered at FSB, remind them to come check it out – Frontier Focus is a preview weekend September 28-30. Send ’em our way!

The other big piece of our ministry puzzle for Fall is that Chuck, in his role at Tentmaker’s, will be traveling to Spain at the end of September, and then to Kenya in October! Please pray for him as he is preparing for these trips. Pray also for a fruitful time, particularly as he works with the TBM missionaries in Kenya on the development of Tentmaker’s International Bible Training program to be used there in Africa, and then adapted for use on other fields as well.

We’d appreciate your prayers on the home front during Chuck’s travels. I will be speaking at a ladies retreat in Colorado in October, and also keeping busy with a homeschool class for the LaGrange homeschool group, and substitute teaching in our district schools!

Thanks for remembering to uphold us! We certainly need His strength and wisdom for the major projects, but equally for day-to-day life and ministry details.

We love and appreciate you all! Please let us know how we can be praying for you! Enjoy the crisp and cooler weather! Oh, that reminds me… we better go check on winterizing our pipes, find coats and boots for the kids, get our snow shovel out of storage…

Yay for the change of seasons! Our God is so good!

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  1. Amber Finney

    You guys are such an encouragement!! I love you and your family and pray that Jesus will continue to draw each of you to himself. I hope especially that you all will be safe when you’re traveling.

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