The Harris’ Ministry in Kenya

This past year I had the joy of spending time with the Harris family, missionaries with Tentmakers Bible Mission. Here’s a short video I put together that introduces you to this wonderful family and the ministry they have training Kenyan pastors.

Our Original India Video (ca. 2003)

Recently, as I was going through old cds I came across our first ministry video we make after the first six months on the field. While our production quality has improved many of the truths in the video are still true today. Please continue to pray for India and those ministering in India.

One of the most recent projects I have been working on is As we begin the rather large task of Servants Bible Institute, we wanted to create a way to share the concept and vision with others. This website is an effort to provide news, information, and updates about Tentmakers training resources.

If you haven’t visited the site, please take some time to look around.

We’ve also created a facebook page as well. Show your support and keep in touch with this aspect of our ministry by liking our Facebook page.

We are regularly writing new content for Some posts are specifically related to the training resources. Others are more generally about missions, culture and missiological education.

Defining Mission and missions

Here is a post that I created for It addresses the fact that definitions are important. We need clarity in our understanding of Mission and missions. If you have never thought about the difference, follow the link and see the way that all these concepts are connected.

Mission and missions: Theology Drives Strategy

The Fields are White; Not Necessarily the Laborers

The Fields are White…Not Necessarily the Laborers